Bumpdate 16 weeks

bumpdate 16 weeks

16 weeks pregnant! 4 months along! Nearly halfway there!

Size: An avocado. Feeling: Better each day. Tired but otherwise pretty normal. Sleep: So-so. I have a few good nights and a few bad nights with insomnia/nightmares. Craving: Carbs – especially toast and fries. Also really enjoying cottage cheese and milk.  Weird Moment: One evening this week I was making a salad for my lunch the next day and I nibbled on a piece of cucumber…nek minnit I had eaten the entire thing. It tasted so good! I swear on this baby that no cucumber has ever tasted as good as that one tasted. Excited For: Our next scan and gender reveal in a few weeks. I’m 90% sure it’s a girl but it will be nice to know for sure.


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