Bumpdate: 20 weeks

I’m halfway through my pregnancy already! It feels like it’s going really fast, but then it also feels like there’s a long way to go. My belly has officially popped out – although it still really fluctuates in size throughout the day! In the morning I still don’t necessarily look pregnant but in the evening there is no doubting it ha.


Size: A small rockmelon. Gender: A boy! Complete surprise because we were both convinced it was a girl!! Feeling: Great! Happy, energised – and my hair has more volume and shine than I’ve ever seen it with. Weight gain: 5 kilos so far. But weirdly it all happened over two weeks (two scary weeks!) and I haven’t gained any since. I figure it was some sort of growth spurt. Craving: Everything! All food smells and tastes amazing – even things that I wouldn’t normally eat like jaffa biscuits. Also oranges – not so much eating them but just smelling them. Sometimes I’ll just sit and smell one for a few minutes. Sleep: Still not great. The insomnia and nightmares are a bit better but now I can’t get comfortable. I’ve always been a side sleeper but of course now that I can’t sleep on my belly or back that’s how I’ve started sleeping. Each night I build myself a pillow fort which keeps me on my side, it works really well until I have to turn over (which is at least every half hour).  Weird Moment: One night this week I lay on my bed for a few minutes trying to decide if the weird stomach pains I was having were just poop or the baby moving. The next morning I felt the same pains followed by a little flutter and I knew for sure that it was movement:) Since then I’ve been flutters pretty regularly.  Excited For: My belly getting so big I can use it as a handy portable shelf to hold my plate while I eat.


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