Something Guy and I are trying to do more than ever these days is to live in the moment, really live in the moment – spontaneously and entirely.  It’s easier said than done with all of life’s distractions (looking at you Olympics!) but we’re making an effort to seize the day. This weekend we had some unseasonably nice weather – it felt like late summer rather than late winter which got me all kinds of excited (I DO NOT like the cold!). So after our visit to the midwife we stopped by a grocery store to pick up some bread, cheese and olives and then drove up north to Wenderholm.  It’s one of those places that we’ve driven past a million times but have never actually entered and explored. After scoffing everything (too fast to get a photo) we walked the perimeter track which was really pretty and had some gorgeous views of the ocean which made the steep climbs worth it.

It made me really excited thinking of all the walks we can take our little man on when he arrives. There’s something about being outdoors that I find so restorative and that’s something I want to pass onto my children along with an appreciation for the beauty of this world we live in and how lucky we are to be able to enjoy it.


We saw our first wood pigeons! They were huge and so pretty.



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