Babymoon: Queenstown & Arrowtown


When Guy and I came back to New Zealand much earlier than we expected (his mum got sick) we promised each other that we would make an effort to explore of the country before we set off overseas again.  We both grew up in Auckland in the North Island and have spent many weekends and holidays discovering its hiddens treasures but apart from a couple of childhood trips (me) and work trips (him) had never actually set foot in the South Island.  I can’t describe how embarrassing it is when you’re talking to other travelers who rave about how beautiful your country is and of course all of them talk about the South and you have to mutter that you’ve never actually been there.  It’s not that we didn’t want to, it’s just that New Zealand is an expensive country even if you live here, and between studying at university for five years each and then saving to go traveling overseas we just never made it happen. Anyway, I’m delighted to say we finally went!! We spent four days soaking up the incredible beauty of Queenstown, Wanaka & Arrowtown.



Queenstown was so beautiful, it really was like looking at a postcard.  Arrowtown won my heart at once – I want to move there (but only for about a week cause I’m pretty sure that’s as long as it would take for me to get bored) and eat all the crepes at Cafe Bonjour (nutella and banana is soooo good).


I swear this is actually the only nice photo we have of us kissing! The only in one in thirteen years of exchanging kisses haha.




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