Babymoon: Wanaka


Although we flew into Queenstown we actually spent most of our time in Wanaka because we stayed in a holiday house owned by an ex athlete of Guys.  We liked Queenstown, and loved Arrowtown, but we fell completely head over heels crazy in love with Wanaka – I mean seriously how can you not?!


This mama duck and her babies were so cute! They crossed the road (all the traffic stopped for them) but the ducklings couldn’t get up over the kerb so they had to recross the road – but they couldn’t get over that kerb! I tried to help them but ended up terrifying them so much that they sort of jumped and eventually did manage to get up ha.


We both grew up in Auckland where it doesn’t snow (it doesn’t even really get cold although we all complain that it does) so this was only our second time ever getting to touch and play with it! We tried to make a snowman but didn’t count on how much touching the snow would hurt our hands haha.


Not only did we see some of the most gorgeous scenery imaginable but we also had some great food – Cafe Gusto for breakfast and Trout Cafe for dinner, met some super friendly locals and got to see a completely different side to New Zealand to what we’re used to. It was wonderful! We’re already planning another trip where we have some more time to explore some of the beautiful hikes in the area, and to show little bean first hand how beautiful his home country is!


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