A weekend at the cabin

dsc06915I may not be able to see my knees anymore but I can glimpse my toes ha! dsc06916dsc06897dsc06922dsc06926dsc06935dsc06936

We are fortunate enough to currently be living at home between my parents and Guy’s dads house. I say fortunate because we are; we pay nothing in rent or bills and contribute only minimally to food costs, not to mention getting the washing done and coming home to a cooked meal. Of course that’s not to say that it’s easy, or that we like it, or that we can’t wait to move out and have our own place in a few months time!!! To help us (and our parents) keep our sanity we try to get away as often as we can and this weekend we went up to my parents cabin at Waipu Cove.  It rained nearly the whole weekend so we stayed inside reading, playing games and eating.  To be honest that’s my kind of weekend 🙂


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