Spring is officially here! In Auckland that means it rains, like all-the-time.  Actually it rains about 98% of the time with the other 2% blue sky and sunshine that lulls you into thinking the rain has gone until it comes back again.  The weather is getting warmer though which is useful cause my belly keeps on gettin bigger. I’m not complaining though! Finding only one or two layers to cover it is easier than the four or five I need in winter. Warmer weather also means some of my favourite foods are available; asparagus and strawberries. I’ve been eating indecent amounts of both – as well as my beloved oranges. I’m really interested to see if my craving for them is going to dissipate after pregnancy!

Anyway here’s a bunch of small moments from life lately.

dsc06944dsc06957dsc06946Guy and I made our first batch of pickled onions! We’re saving them to eat until we have a place of our own to call home. dsc06954dsc06955dsc06962dsc06963dsc06964Gluten free blueberry cakes with mascarpone, bacon and banana. Be still my beating heart!dsc06966dsc06967

This weekend Guy’s away hiking in the South Island so my best friend and I packed up the car with sweet treats, set the radio to 90s songs and went for a quick trip down to Tauranga. Neither of us had ever actually spent any time there so it was a lovely little getaway even though it rained almost the whole time! We ate waaay too much chocolate, picked up some cute things for the baby at a charity shop, watched a movie and generally just hung out chatting. It was the best!I wish I had of taken a million more photos but I was too busy having fun to remember!


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