Bumpdate: 29 weeks


Hi third trimester!!

Size: A butternut squash. Weight Gain: 10 kilos! Feeling: Good. My energy levels are definitely dipping each week that passes and my insomnia is slowly rearing it’s head again but for the first time in about six months I’m not starving hungry all the time which is actually quite nice!. My ‘irritable uterus’ (seriously can you think of a more ridiculous name?!) is getting worse by the week which is making life difficult, but it does make me feel completely justified catching up on some of the Netflix shows I want to watch since lying down is the only position that feels good! Craving: Chocolate, candy, crunchy lettuce, avocados and toast.  Sleep: Okay. It takes me a while to fall asleep but I’m managing to stay asleep most of the night when I do drift off. I alternate between sleeping hugging a pillow to stop myself rolling onto my stomach and throwing it away on nights it gets too hot. I sleep better without the pillow but I feel little bean poking the parts of my belly that I’m lying on so I’m pretty sure he’s getting a little squished which makes me feel bad ( in the morning – I don’t care at night because I’m so comfortable ha). Weird Moment: Sitting on my bed trying to read a book one night and baby was kicking so hard in my belly that my book kept getting lifted up. He is getting so strong! Also another morning we were slowly waking up and Guy had his hand laying on my belly and and the little man started poking him with his foot/elbow/knee – just pushing on his hand with his little bony joint.  Excited For: Our next midwife meeting to find out how he’s positioned. I know he’s too little to stay in one position for long but I’d just really love to actually know how he’s lying, and also how big he is! I was chatting to two different woman in my antenatal class – one’s boy is in the 90th percentile of size and the others is only in the 5th (they’re both having weekly scans to monitor the progress).


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