This time last year we were in Oaxaca, Mexico halfway through a Spanish language course, renting an apartment from a lovely family and eating all the tacos we could find.  We were loving Oaxaca. Guy was training the local rugby team, I was volunteering at a local school, we were making some friends and just having so much fun. I still sometimes wonder if we shouldn’t have stayed on there instead of traveling down through Central America.

Fast forward a year and we’re back living in my parents place in the city we grew up in, 30 weeks pregnant, and with Spanish that only comes out after a couple of cervezas. Talk about a 180!


This year we celebrated it twice.  On Saturday we went to a Mexfest event in downtown Auckland. It was a bit of a joke with a few stalls selling sugar skull vases and dresses, overpriced and unauthentic food trucks and one tiny stage with traditional dancing and singing. We only spent about half an hour inside and then wandered around the city soaking up the sunshine – something we haven’t done (in Auckland) for years! We found the most amazing thick cut fries which I mostly demolished, and then we found more fries and a burger just a few minutes later haha!

dsc07062dsc07064dsc07055dsc07060dsc07069dsc07075dsc07077One of the reasons I love Auckland city – within a couple of minutes you can find yourself standing on the waterfront gazing at some mountains and feel like your miles away from a bustling metropolis. dsc07079

On Monday (the actual day of the dead) we visited Guy’s mum, taking her flowers and food and we sat and talked with her for a while about all the exciting things that are happening. It was definitely bittersweet but we left feeling happy. We’d rather remember her and feel sad than not remember her at all.


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