Bumpdate: 34 weeks


Size: A rockmelon (cantaloupe) Weight Gain: Still 10 kilos (I got sick and lost a couple and then gained them back slowly). Feeling: Happy, relaxed, excited and overwhelmingly grateful that me and my baby are so healthy. I know it’s weird but I feel like the more pregnant I get the better I feel! Craving: Orange juice, pomegranates, lettuce, chocolate, toast and cheese.  Sleep: I finally got to a stage where I couldn’t get comfortable so I started using a pregnancy pillow a friend gave me and it is amazing.! I wake three or four times to pee, and I often wake at 5am with the baby kicking and then don’t get back to sleep again – but when I do sleep it’s pretty good. Baby Is:  Healthy and normal. He’s lying in a slightly weird position (head down, back curled around my belly button and legs straightened out in front of him so his toes are under my ribs) which is making him measure a little small so I had a scan to check on his growth and he was perfect. He just lay there perfectly still blinking away at me with his gorgeous big eyes. Weird Moment: Standing in the kitchen chatting to my mum and looking down to see my belly squirming and pushing out at weird angles – finally realised it was just a Braxton Hicks contraction. Also one day at work I was carrying a glass of water in my hand and I stopped to talk to a colleague – well I stopped but my belly kept moving and I ended up bumping the glass of water all over her desk! Excited For: So many things! Finishing up work this week, moving into our own place in two weeks, celebrating Christmas in four weeks, my birthday in five weeks – and somewhere amidst that meeting our baby!




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