Griffin’s Nursery

Well I guess first things first we have finally chosen our babies name! Griffin has been on our ‘list’ for ages – since before we fell pregnant and it’s been my number one pick the entire time. Guy took a little more convincing – it was his second pick for almost the entire pregnancy ha (so typically us!) but we have finally agreed and cemented it by putting it up in blocks on the shelf in his room. Whenever we have visitors over we show them the room and wait to see if they will pick up on the name being displayed – so far only one person has.

Confession – before I was pregnant I kinda hated the term ‘nursery’ or ‘babies room’ and I really didn’t see the point in going to so much effort to decorate a room for a tiny human who couldn’t care less about such things.  A few months into pregnancy I did a complete 180 and realised that a nursery was an absolute necessity (if not for my baby for myself ha) and started planning it. Initially I decided on a woodland theme and spent countless hours perusing Pinterest (what would life be like without Pinterest!!!) but gradually I went off having a theme and just decided to stick to a minimalist white and wood design. It turned out looking just perfect and we are so happy with it!


One thing we love about it is all the little personal touches that are only evident to us.  The quilt on the feeding chair was made my Guy’s mum and gifted to him on his 21st birthday, the comforter in moses basket was a gift from a dear friend at my baby shower, some of the books on the shelf were bought while on a roadtrip with his godmother, the miniature wrestling mask we bought at a market in Mexico City five years ago…

Every evening before I go to bed I go into his room and tell him it’s ready and waiting for him whenever he feels like coming out to see it. I can’t wait to actually see him in it!



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