Happy New Year


We’ve never stayed in Auckland over the Christmas/New Years period before and it was…weird. It felt a lot like a ghost town which I know a lot of people like but we didn’t so much.  It was nice to just stay around home – Guy pottered in his man cave and I read, napped and ate too much chocolate (just kidding there’s no such thing as too much chocolate I know).  New Years Eve we got dressed up and went out for a really nice steak dinner and then started watching a new TV series Shetland while eating our way through two bags of chocolate candies.  New Years Day we ate breakfast together (a rarity even when we’re both at home) in the sunshine and I had two cups of coffee!

I haven’t made New Years resolutions in ages and I don’t plan on starting now but I have got a couple of goals for this year.  1. Take more photos.  I don’t know why I am so useless at getting photos! Half the time I don’t even bring my camera with me, and the times that I do it sits in my bag untouched and forgotten about until I get home and curse myself for not getting a single photo! I need to get the camera on my phone fixed and then I really will have no excuse!  2. Read more books. I love reading but I too often neglect a book in favour of Netflix or Pinterest – or I end up re-reading the same books over and over again and missing out on all the wonderful new ones. 3. Do more. I want to explore New Zealand, to learn to cook some classic dishes, improve my Spanish, make new friends and pick up a new skill. In other words I want to do more – I don’t want life to pass me by.

p.s this time next year we’ll have an almost one year old! How crazy is that?!


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