These quiet moments


In a matter of  or days, our little boy will be here nestled in my arms, slipping in and out of consciousness and listening to us whisper words of love and wonder.  I’m not sure I have the words to describe how we’re feeling – a heady mix of excitement, love and anticipation.

These past few days have been such a lovely time of quiet.  Admittedly, not how I expected them to be! I envisaged spending afternoons on the beach reading a book and writing in my journal, baking something sweet each day…then the realities of late pregnancy hit (aka aching and swollen feet, sore hips and the inability to spend any amount of time in one position) and I was forced to re-evaluate. Instead I’ve been splitting my time between the couch where I’ve been reading, my bed where I’ve been meditating and napping, and the beach where I’ve been walking each morning and evening.

Guy’s been off work since just before Christmas and since we’ve just stuck around home we’ve had lots of time together to just hang out. It feels a bit like we’re on holiday, like we’re renting an Air BnB and it’s all going to be over soon.  So we’re making an extra effort to soak up these last few quiet moments, the last time it will be just the two of us.




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