One month old


Our gorgeous little man is already a month old! I’d be lying if I said the time had flown by – in some ways it’s gone quite slowly but there is something tangibly strange about saying he is one whole month old. So far he’s thriving! He’s gained a whole kilo since he was born which brings him to a whopping five kilos of delicious chubbiness. He’s already too big for some of his newborn clothes and he’s rapidly outgrowing his moses basket too!

Our days are currently a milky, sleepy, noisy haze as we all adjust to life as a family of three.  As much as we love and adore him and are wholeheartedly embracing our new roles as parents we have moments of struggle and despair. All three of us have so much to learn its as daunting as it is exciting depending on the time of day I’m thinking about it.  I’m reminding myself each day that it can only get easier and also that he’s only going to be this little for such a short time.



Feeding: He is an eating machine! I feed him whenever he wants to eat which is roughly every two and a half hours depending on naps, sometimes more often on these hot days when he gets thirsty. Sleeping: Not great during the daytime – often he won’t take a nap at all in the mornings despite desperately needing too, he generally gets two to three hours in the afternoon though. He is good at night though (thankfully!).  He’ll wake every two to three hours to eat but go straight back to sleep and he doesn’t wake properly until around 7:30am.  Milestones: He gave me and Guy our first proper smile on the weekend! He’d just fed and he was looking up at us as we talked to him and his face broke into a genuine grin which absolutely melted our hearts. Things he loves: Bathtime (just not getting out of the bath!), tummy time, staring at ceilings and walls.  Things he hates: getting his nappy changed (every.single.time!), getting clicked into the capsule (also every single time!).


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