Two months old


Feeding: Still an eating machine!  He feeds around every 3 hours in the day and at night. I try to give him two feeds close together in the early evening so that he’ll sleep a longer stretch. Sleeping: Not great. He went through a period where he stopped sleeping in the daytime completely which was awful. He does take naps now but only on me – if I put him down he wakes. He’s okay at night but we’re hoping he gets better as he gets older. Milestones: He can rub his eyes when tired, smile and giggle, and I swear hes trying to crawl during tummy time! Things he loves: Ceilings, lights and curtains – he can gaze at them alll day long (esp when hes supposed to be falling asleep).  Things he hates: Being in the car or pram 😦 which means we spend a lot of time at home.

In some ways it feels like two months has flown by – especcially when I look at photos of him when he was first born! But in other ways it feels like it’s been longer than two months.  We’re going through a tough stage right now with his sleeping but it will get easier I know.


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