I’m not sure why but this month has flown by so quickly.  Maybe it’s because the weather is changing and we’re pulling on new clothes, or maybe its because finally things are starting to get a little easier. Whatever it is I’m making every effort to soak up the last of these warm days. Griffin and I have been walking down to the beach most days and hanging out on a blanket under the shade of a big pohutukawa tree.  I take so much joy from just watching him experience all these new things; the wind blowing on his face, the grass tickling his feet, the sunlight making him squint.


Part of me wishes I could freeze time and just stay in this stage for a while – he’s little but not so little and I love it – he’s cuddly yet happy to be put down and have tummy time, he’s smiling more and more every day and he babbles away to us throughout the day. But then another part of me is desperately looking forward to the next stage where he actually sleeps on his own.  Speaking of sleep – one of my favourite times of the day is when he wakes in the morning and I bring him into bed with me for a cuddle. I turn on ‘his light’ and unzip his swaddle and we lie there and chat for a few minutes before getting up and having breakfast. He’s so warm and squishy and smiley I love those moments!


I feel like every day he’s doing something a little better than the day before – whether it’s holding his head up or paying attention to something for a longer time.   He’s really into his books at the moment (we just got him his very own library card!) – it’s so cool to see him focusing in on the different pictures.


He’s just so damm cute!










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