Three Months Old


Griffin has left the world of newborns and entered into infancy! Sometimes I look at him and think “you’re so little!” but then I look back at old photos of him and realise how big he now is! According to Plunket hes in the 90th percentile for height, and the 50th for his weight so no longer the fatso pork chop he once was.

Feeding: Eating is still his favourite thing to do. I feed him every three hours during the day and normally twice at night.  Sleeping: Crap (still).  He wakes two or three times at night which is okay, and he cat naps during the day time but takes quite a while to fall asleep, and it’s still in my arms. Hoping to see some improvements over the next couple of months. Milestones:  He can support his own head most of the time, sucks his fists and is starting to co-ordinate his limbs to kick things. Things he loves: Books, talking, nursery rhymes, sitting in his bouncinette watching us in the kitchen.  Things he hates: Sleeping, going to bed, staying in bed, not being awake…;)


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