Four Months Old


I can’t decide if these four months have gone quickly or slowly – maybe both at the same time if that makes sense? He’s slowly transitioning from a baby into a tiny person and its so cool to see. Everyday his cheeks get rounder, his smile gets bigger and his eyes a little brighter.

As much as I love being a mum and I truly can’t imagine life without Griffin, I’m not gonna lie; he’s hard work. We barely leave the house because he gets so upset in the car it ends up making me cry and it’s really not worth it. He’s the same in the stroller so I end up carrying him with one arm and pushing the stroller with the other. I’m so tired I don’t even feel tired anymore but I’m forgetful and impatient and emotional. Finding the time to do something for myself like read a book or paint my nails is just a pipe dream at present. I feel bad complaining because I’m aware that I chose to have a child and this is my life now – no one said it was going to be easy! But I also hate when people feel that they need to pretend everything is perfect. I have no shame in admitting that some days I really struggle and look forward to his bedtime, nor do I have any problem acknowledging that Griffin is a terrible sleeper who’s nowhere sleeping through the night and who probably never will! It’s a good thing hes so gorgeous huh!!

Feeding: This kid loves to eat! Every time I offer him food he attacks my breast so furiously like hes been starved for days – when actually its hardly ever longer than two hours! I have a feeling he’s going to love solids. Sleeping: Worse! I didn’t believe that was possible but the four month regression hit us hard. He currently cat naps in the day (unless hes in my arms) and wakes every two hours at night. The only thing that resettles him in the night is feeding even though I’m positive hes not hungry.  Milestones: He’s holding his head up, rolling from his back to stomach, grabbing his feet and reaching for things. He’s also got the tip of one tooth showing.  Things he loves: Staring at his play mat, listening to me sing, being carried by daddy, staring at himself in the mirror or on the phone. Things he hates: Not being paid attention to, being in the car or pram.


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