A weekend in Wellington


IMG_1446IMG_1450IMG_1437I know, I know. Completely impractical but oh my gosh aren’t they cute!?


Can’t stop walking because if he does G will wake up! Haha.


I love his dramatic faces!


Last weekend we spent a couple of days in Wellington! We spent four years living there and were really sad to leave when we embarked on our big adventure to Mexico in 2015.  I’ve wanted to go back and visit it since we got back into New Zealand and we finally got around to doing it.  I’m so glad we did because we had the best time and Griffin wasn’t nearly as difficult as I imagined him being! We used the front pack for half his naps and returned to the hotel for the other half. Sharing the room with him made the evenings a little difficult – having to eat dinner in the dark and have a whispered conversation ha but we managed it. It was also really cool seeing things through his eyes – like catching the bus was so much fun for him. It was like TV.

It made me simultaneously miss Wellington and also my old life, and feel so happy with my new life and grateful that we decided to stay in Auckland.  It also made me really excited to keep traveling with him, to show him the world and to include him in such an important part of our lives.




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