Five months old


This gorgeous little guy is five months old! For some reason that seems kinda crazy to me cause it sounds so old!! I’m really pleased that things are getting easier for me and for him (and by association for Guy) and we’re able to spend more time enjoying life.  This feels like such a fun and exciting stage for Griffin because hes becoming so independent so quickly and every day I see a difference in his co-ordination and his strength. I’m looking forward to getting out of the house a bit more in the coming months and enrolling him in some fun activities.

Feeding: Still a total fatso when it comes to his food! He makes me laugh because every single time I sit down to breastfeed him he launches forward and grabs my boob with both hands as if he hasn’t eaten in forever! He’s been eating solids for a few weeks now and he’s loving them. The only thing he hasn’t liked so far is blueberries because they gave him a sore bum. I’m having so much fun making different meals for him and I’ve just started adding some spices to them too – yesterday he had some kumara with cumin and he loved it 🙂 Sleeping: Two steps forward one step back or something. We ended up hiring a sleep consultant a couple of weeks ago because his sleeping got so bad and neither of us were coping very well. After a couple of rough days he responded really well and we had a week and a half of wonderful sleep but then his two bottom teeth came through, and then right after that he got sick and he regressed a bit. Milestones:  His two bottom teeth are through (finally!!!!). After one miserable day last week his teeth finally broke through the gum and he’s been so much happier since then! He’s almost sitting on his own now he just needs a little help to not topple over to the side when he tries to reach for something. Things he loves: His daddy (going through a real daddy phase at the moment!), biting/sucking on his toes, watching cars drive by the window, walking around the block while being carried, trying new foods, sitting up, bouncing in his jolly jumper. Things he hates: Still being in the car (although he is starting to tolerate the pram), not being able to eat what we’re eating, being sick.


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