Six Months Old

Holy guacamole six months old?! This seems like such a milestone! We had a little party with his girlfriend and mum, and my mum to celebrate. We ate cupcakes and chocolate and reminisced over how easy the newborn days were in hindsight. This is such a fun age now. He’s awake for longer periods, his attention span is increasing and his coordination is improving daily. He’s still hard work. He’s frustrated and grizzly more than he’s happy, he won’t go in the car or pram without screaming and he needs constant attention and interaction. But, he’s also pretty damm cute!

Feeding: Yep this kid still loves his food. He’s having solids three times a day (just fruits, vegetables and some oat flour at this stage) and devours whatever he’s offered.  Sleeping: Good(ish). We had gotten to a really good stage but then he got sick for a couple of weeks and it completely regressed back to where we started so we’ve had to re sleep train and we’re gradually getting back to a good place.  Milestones:  He’s sitting up, picking toys up from the ground with one hand and commando crawling. Things he loves: Being carried around, being sung to, reading books, playing with balls of any size, going for walks around the neighbourhood, pulling my hair, giving ‘kisses’, brushing his teeth. Things he hates: Not getting enough attention, when the ball he’s crawling after keeps rolling away, getting his face wiped after eating.


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