Hanging onto summer

Since summer took so long to get here this year I’ve been savouring these blue sky days even more than usual while trying to get out of the house and soak up some sunshine at every possible chance. Yesterday we started our day (way too early) with a walk along the beach where we managed to catch the last of the sunrise, and that afternoon we drove up to Wenderholm for a picnic with the ducks. Griffin had a blast and I loved seeing him having so much fun in the outdoors. It’s days like this that I really am grateful for the fact that we live in paradise.



Where we live in Orewa we are just a 10 minute walk to the beach along a flat stretch of road, past small brick and tile houses with sweet little gardens, past shops and cafes and people milling around. I make a conscious effort to be grateful for this proximity each time we go to the beach (often several times a day at the moment) and it’s something I want to instill in Griffin also. We really are so lucky to live in New Zealand and I don’t want us to ever forget it.

Waitangi Day

Today we finally got some sunshine! I know we should all be grateful for rain is summer to avoid the usual droughts but there’s so much rain in winter and spring I need to soak up as many rays as I can, while I can!

This time a year ago we were up at Waipu Cover staying at my parents bach, and Griffins sleep struggles had just started. It was a lovely weekend but it was underwritten by currents of anxiety and frustration. I’m so grateful when I reflect back on where we were then to where we are now.

Anyway, Griffin is such a fussy eater when it comes to some things – like vegetables or meat, but then he has a taste for green smoothies (it wasn’t even sweet). Not that I’m complaining it was loaded with zucchini, eggplant, silverbeet, avocado, flaxseed, chia seeds…all the good stuff.

This afternoon we went over to Hatfield’s Beach for a picnic. We’ve lived here for over a year but have never made it the five minutes over the hill! I’m so glad we did because it was a lovely little beach and we all had a swim before meeting up with Guys dad and brother. Griffin ate his weight in watermelon – but still somehow managed to fit some dinner in a little while later too 😂.

An afternoon in the kitchen

This is my first post in months and I’m not quite sure why.  Life just got busy and I missed one monthly update, and then another and then I didn’t have the energy to do three at once so I just left it.  That’s a pretty pathetic excuse I know. But I’ve missed having a space to share so here I am!

Today was rainy and humid – even though we’re in the middle of summer ugh – so we mostly stayed at home. I wanted to bake something and Griffin wanted to be involved in everything I was doing so together we made a delicious blueberry and lemon slice.  Not only is it delicious but it’s gluten free, dairy free and sugar free! And it really is delicious.

Griffin makes me laugh at the moment by how much of a copycat he is (prior to us baking he picked up a cloth off the floor and started wiping the cupboards). He also needs to be right in the centre of anything going on and he needs to be involved in it! Today he helped me mix (he excels at vigorous mixing!), and sat patiently on my hip watching closely for the parts that he couldn’t do. When it came time to add a cup of blueberries his little hand shot out and grabbed a couple at the speed of light, and just as quickly smashed them into his open mouth. When I added the rest of them to the mixture he lost his shit – and then stood staring into the oven for a few moments crying as it baked 😂. Oh Griffin, never change!

Nine months old



This little guy has been out for longer than he’s been in! He’s so fun right now – though I feel like I say this every month ;). He’s exploring everything, starting to respond to and understand some words, crawling behind either me or Guy everywhere we go and having so much fun trying to feed himself.

Feeding: He’s starting to feed himself more and more although he gets a bit weird about new textures like anything grated (even his beloved cheese).  Generally he eats all finger foods for breakfast, a mixture at lunchtime and is spoon fed at dinner. We’re down to four breastfeeds a day and one overnight.  Sleeping: Good! He’s finding it hard to wind down for his naps so I sometimes have to go in and pat him for a couple of minutes but he’s resettling himself no problem and his nights have been pretty consistent.  Teething has thrown us a bit of a curve ball but he’s been dealing with it really well. Milestones: He’s currently got five teeth with three more coming through, he’s walking between furniture and slowly starting to cruise along the couch, and he’s just started to put his knee up and climb onto low shelves. Things he loves: dogs! He is obsessed with dogs. Also plants, birds, pulling things out of cupboards and drawers, his abacus and his pegboard.   Things he hates: getting his nappy changed (still!), getting his face wiped, getting dressed, being in the car.

Eight months old


I can’t believe it was only eight months ago that Griffin was born – it feels like so much longer that he’s been here with us. I finally feel like I’ve gotten some semblance of my old self back – I find time now to put a little makeup on sometimes, and drink a hot cup of coffee and even read a book! Griffin is also at such a fun stage right now. He’s doing something new every day and I love seeing how much he is changing right in front of our eyes. I know some people feel sad about their babies growing up but I just feel excited – I can’t wait to see what kind of a little human he’s going to turn into!

Feeding: He’s eating three meals a day with two snacks and five breastfeeds (sometimes more). We’re doing a mixture of chunky purees and finger foods. Sleeping: Gooooood. Generally good. Although there’s always something going on to throw it off – like teeth, or illness, or a new developmental milestone. He seems to get hit hard by all of them.  We are down to only one wakeup to feed overnight though! Milestones: He’s now got four big teeth, and he’s started pulling himself up on the furniture and on us, and he’s figured out how to stand in the cot (ugh). Things he loves: feeding himself, pulling my hair, meeting new people who adore him,   Things he hates: (some days) sleeping, when I walk away from him, being in the pram, getting his face wiped after eating.

7 months old


This ball of chub is now 7 months old! He’s so fun right now – you can almost see his thoughts playing out on his face as he takes in everything around him. He’s getting stronger every day as well as more patient – he can actually play by himself for like 10 minutes at a time now! He’s sort of getting used to the pram as long as he has a snack to eat so we’re getting out of the house for a walk in the morning which is really nice – but he still goes mental in the car unfortunately.  He makes us laugh and smile every day and we love him so much for it.

Feeding: Loves breakfast and dinner but isn’t so keen on lunch at the moment. He’s also going through a phase of only wanting to be fed – whereas he used to want to feed himself. Still loves breastfeeding. Sleeping: Good! Not great but good. He’s in a pretty good routine for his naps and he’s waking to feed only once or twice a night – which is a huge improvement on what it was. Milestones: Hes been commando crawling for a few weeks now and he’s gotten really good at it! He’s just about proper crawling now too – he can’t quite always get the co-ordination down but he’s trying really hard! Things he loves: Yanking on my hair and Guy’s beard, having raspberries blown all over his body, watching everything that we do.  Things he hates: when he can’t eat what we’re eating, sleeping in past 6am, getting his nappy changed (every.damm.time).

Malo e lelei Tonga



We were lucky enough to get away to Tonga last week for a family trip – partly to escape Auckland’s winter, but mostly to spend some together since Guy had been away in Canada for 5 weeks with his softball team. We hadn’t been before, and it’s not exactly a popular tourist destination so we weren’t quite sure what to expect but we were absolutely blown away with the country’s beauty, food and most importantly people.  We had a wonderfully relaxing week spent reading books, snorkelling through schools of tropical fish, playing in the sand, and eating a variety of Tongan delicacies (washed down with a few Tongan beers!).


Griffin had just as much fun as we did. He was doted on by every single Tongan wet met – especcially the other kids who were just besotted with him. One afternoon he had a harem of pretty ladies surrounding him! He also loved the food, he had a tropical fruit salad for breakfast most days and taro, tapioca or kumara for dinner. I’m pretty sure he gained an entire kilo while over there!

Six Months Old

Holy guacamole six months old?! This seems like such a milestone! We had a little party with his girlfriend and mum, and my mum to celebrate. We ate cupcakes and chocolate and reminisced over how easy the newborn days were in hindsight. This is such a fun age now. He’s awake for longer periods, his attention span is increasing and his coordination is improving daily. He’s still hard work. He’s frustrated and grizzly more than he’s happy, he won’t go in the car or pram without screaming and he needs constant attention and interaction. But, he’s also pretty damm cute!

Feeding: Yep this kid still loves his food. He’s having solids three times a day (just fruits, vegetables and some oat flour at this stage) and devours whatever he’s offered.  Sleeping: Good(ish). We had gotten to a really good stage but then he got sick for a couple of weeks and it completely regressed back to where we started so we’ve had to re sleep train and we’re gradually getting back to a good place.  Milestones:  He’s sitting up, picking toys up from the ground with one hand and commando crawling. Things he loves: Being carried around, being sung to, reading books, playing with balls of any size, going for walks around the neighbourhood, pulling my hair, giving ‘kisses’, brushing his teeth. Things he hates: Not getting enough attention, when the ball he’s crawling after keeps rolling away, getting his face wiped after eating.

Five months old


This gorgeous little guy is five months old! For some reason that seems kinda crazy to me cause it sounds so old!! I’m really pleased that things are getting easier for me and for him (and by association for Guy) and we’re able to spend more time enjoying life.  This feels like such a fun and exciting stage for Griffin because hes becoming so independent so quickly and every day I see a difference in his co-ordination and his strength. I’m looking forward to getting out of the house a bit more in the coming months and enrolling him in some fun activities.

Feeding: Still a total fatso when it comes to his food! He makes me laugh because every single time I sit down to breastfeed him he launches forward and grabs my boob with both hands as if he hasn’t eaten in forever! He’s been eating solids for a few weeks now and he’s loving them. The only thing he hasn’t liked so far is blueberries because they gave him a sore bum. I’m having so much fun making different meals for him and I’ve just started adding some spices to them too – yesterday he had some kumara with cumin and he loved it 🙂 Sleeping: Two steps forward one step back or something. We ended up hiring a sleep consultant a couple of weeks ago because his sleeping got so bad and neither of us were coping very well. After a couple of rough days he responded really well and we had a week and a half of wonderful sleep but then his two bottom teeth came through, and then right after that he got sick and he regressed a bit. Milestones:  His two bottom teeth are through (finally!!!!). After one miserable day last week his teeth finally broke through the gum and he’s been so much happier since then! He’s almost sitting on his own now he just needs a little help to not topple over to the side when he tries to reach for something. Things he loves: His daddy (going through a real daddy phase at the moment!), biting/sucking on his toes, watching cars drive by the window, walking around the block while being carried, trying new foods, sitting up, bouncing in his jolly jumper. Things he hates: Still being in the car (although he is starting to tolerate the pram), not being able to eat what we’re eating, being sick.