Malo e lelei Tonga



We were lucky enough to get away to Tonga last week for a family trip – partly to escape Auckland’s winter, but mostly to spend some together since Guy had been away in Canada for 5 weeks with his softball team. We hadn’t been before, and it’s not exactly a popular tourist destination so we weren’t quite sure what to expect but we were absolutely blown away with the country’s beauty, food and most importantly people.  We had a wonderfully relaxing week spent reading books, snorkelling through schools of tropical fish, playing in the sand, and eating a variety of Tongan delicacies (washed down with a few Tongan beers!).


Griffin had just as much fun as we did. He was doted on by every single Tongan wet met – especcially the other kids who were just besotted with him. One afternoon he had a harem of pretty ladies surrounding him! He also loved the food, he had a tropical fruit salad for breakfast most days and taro, tapioca or kumara for dinner. I’m pretty sure he gained an entire kilo while over there!


A weekend in Wellington


IMG_1446IMG_1450IMG_1437I know, I know. Completely impractical but oh my gosh aren’t they cute!?


Can’t stop walking because if he does G will wake up! Haha.


I love his dramatic faces!


Last weekend we spent a couple of days in Wellington! We spent four years living there and were really sad to leave when we embarked on our big adventure to Mexico in 2015.  I’ve wanted to go back and visit it since we got back into New Zealand and we finally got around to doing it.  I’m so glad we did because we had the best time and Griffin wasn’t nearly as difficult as I imagined him being! We used the front pack for half his naps and returned to the hotel for the other half. Sharing the room with him made the evenings a little difficult – having to eat dinner in the dark and have a whispered conversation ha but we managed it. It was also really cool seeing things through his eyes – like catching the bus was so much fun for him. It was like TV.

It made me simultaneously miss Wellington and also my old life, and feel so happy with my new life and grateful that we decided to stay in Auckland.  It also made me really excited to keep traveling with him, to show him the world and to include him in such an important part of our lives.





September has been a wonderful month.  We started it off with a weekend at Calmbirth which left us feeling prepared, confident and excited to welcome our wee babe in a few months time.  I feel torn between wanting to meet him as soon as possible (anytime after Christmas Day is okay with me) and respecting Guy’s desire for him to be born next year sometime since we’ve already had a pretty life changing year (eloping in Las Vegas and his mum dying).  I also can’t wait to hold him in my arms and get to know him, but at the same time I’m treasuring this time of it being just the two of us I’m not sure I want it to ever end.

We were  also lucky enough to escape to Queenstown and Wanaka for a babymoon, as well as up to my parents cabin at Waipu Cove for a food and book filled weekend.

I’ve just finishing reading two of Ina May Gaskin’s books; Guide to Childbirth and Guide to Breastfeeding and I can’t recommend them enough. I’m halfway through Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman and I’m loving it – it deserves all the hype it’s received and more.  Guy’s been reading Men, Love & Birth by Mark Harris which he’s loved and next up is Parenting from the Inside Out from Dan Siegel.  I’ve also been listening to the Pure Natural Pregnancy Podcast which I find utterly fascinating.

One of these days we’re going to get around to watching the new season of Narcos as well as the latest season of Game of Thrones! Meanwhile one lazy weekend when Guy was away and my ligaments were giving me grief I curled up in bed and Marcella which was excellent. I’ve also just started watching The Office (the American version) and it’s so much better than I was expecting.

I finally went maternity clothes shopping and maaybe went a little crazy! It’s so nice to have a bigger selection of things to choose from and I am in love with stretchy waistbands (even when I’m not pregnant ha). I’ve gained about 10 kilos/20 pounds now and it seems to have gone all to my butt and thighs so some new clothes is keeping me happy. I also bought this nightie to wear after the birth which I am in love with!


We have a few exciting things coming up in October – including entering into my third trimester! And then we’re into November, and December and then our little man will be here before we know it! 🙂


Babymoon: Wanaka


Although we flew into Queenstown we actually spent most of our time in Wanaka because we stayed in a holiday house owned by an ex athlete of Guys.  We liked Queenstown, and loved Arrowtown, but we fell completely head over heels crazy in love with Wanaka – I mean seriously how can you not?!


This mama duck and her babies were so cute! They crossed the road (all the traffic stopped for them) but the ducklings couldn’t get up over the kerb so they had to recross the road – but they couldn’t get over that kerb! I tried to help them but ended up terrifying them so much that they sort of jumped and eventually did manage to get up ha.


We both grew up in Auckland where it doesn’t snow (it doesn’t even really get cold although we all complain that it does) so this was only our second time ever getting to touch and play with it! We tried to make a snowman but didn’t count on how much touching the snow would hurt our hands haha.


Not only did we see some of the most gorgeous scenery imaginable but we also had some great food – Cafe Gusto for breakfast and Trout Cafe for dinner, met some super friendly locals and got to see a completely different side to New Zealand to what we’re used to. It was wonderful! We’re already planning another trip where we have some more time to explore some of the beautiful hikes in the area, and to show little bean first hand how beautiful his home country is!

Babymoon: Queenstown & Arrowtown


When Guy and I came back to New Zealand much earlier than we expected (his mum got sick) we promised each other that we would make an effort to explore of the country before we set off overseas again.  We both grew up in Auckland in the North Island and have spent many weekends and holidays discovering its hiddens treasures but apart from a couple of childhood trips (me) and work trips (him) had never actually set foot in the South Island.  I can’t describe how embarrassing it is when you’re talking to other travelers who rave about how beautiful your country is and of course all of them talk about the South and you have to mutter that you’ve never actually been there.  It’s not that we didn’t want to, it’s just that New Zealand is an expensive country even if you live here, and between studying at university for five years each and then saving to go traveling overseas we just never made it happen. Anyway, I’m delighted to say we finally went!! We spent four days soaking up the incredible beauty of Queenstown, Wanaka & Arrowtown.



Queenstown was so beautiful, it really was like looking at a postcard.  Arrowtown won my heart at once – I want to move there (but only for about a week cause I’m pretty sure that’s as long as it would take for me to get bored) and eat all the crepes at Cafe Bonjour (nutella and banana is soooo good).


I swear this is actually the only nice photo we have of us kissing! The only in one in thirteen years of exchanging kisses haha.