A weekend in Wellington


IMG_1446IMG_1450IMG_1437I know, I know. Completely impractical but oh my gosh aren’t they cute!?


Can’t stop walking because if he does G will wake up! Haha.


I love his dramatic faces!


Last weekend we spent a couple of days in Wellington! We spent four years living there and were really sad to leave when we embarked on our big adventure to Mexico in 2015.  I’ve wanted to go back and visit it since we got back into New Zealand and we finally got around to doing it.  I’m so glad we did because we had the best time and Griffin wasn’t nearly as difficult as I imagined him being! We used the front pack for half his naps and returned to the hotel for the other half. Sharing the room with him made the evenings a little difficult – having to eat dinner in the dark and have a whispered conversation ha but we managed it. It was also really cool seeing things through his eyes – like catching the bus was so much fun for him. It was like TV.

It made me simultaneously miss Wellington and also my old life, and feel so happy with my new life and grateful that we decided to stay in Auckland.  It also made me really excited to keep traveling with him, to show him the world and to include him in such an important part of our lives.




Happy Easter!

Easter is hands down my second favourite holiday (second only to Christmas because presents!). When I say I ate my weight in treats over the weekend – I mean it! I’m not one of those girls who just has one piece of cake and then declares how much they have eaten – I eat the whole cake and then ask what’s for the next meal.  Inspired by hygge I I made and ate cinnamon buns, Norwegian apple cake and Swedish meatballs all of which were delicious, not to mention a thousand hot cross buns and easter eggs – I don’t regret a single bite! But I may have to go for a couple of long walks this week :).

Apart from eating we had such a nice time just hanging out together. I don’t think Guy and I have spent so much time together having fun since the couple of weeks before Griffin was born and we were on holiday.  We walked on the beach, read books together, visited his dad, had my parents round for afternoon tea, sat and chatted to Griffin as we sipped our coffee, and sampled Guy’s latest craft beer brew as we watched Broadchurch and 13 Reasons Why.  Griffin was happy and relaxed most of the weekend and then on Monday we woke to rosy red cheeks, buckets of Apart from some unsettledness on Monday due to teething Griffin was pretty happy and relaxed all weekend. He even fell asleep completely on his own two nights in a row!! Hopefully it continues!

Something I really want to do now I have a family of my own is to celebrate holidays and special occasions; to commemorate them with delicious food, hanging out with friends and just having some fun. I want Griffin and his siblings to grow up really enjoying life and celebrating every day.






p.s Griffin got sick Easter Monday and has been out all week 😦 – hence the late post!

A trip to the park

We live across the road from a big reserve with a cute little playground and we walk through it to get to the beach a few times a week. I’ve wanted to take Griffin to play there pretty much since he was born and we finally got around to doing it this weekend.  One of our dearest friends was visiting from Melbourne and snapped a whole bunch of photos – I’m so glad she was there because me and Guy are always forgetting to get photos and we never get both of us in them!  Its fair to say he was completely unimpressed by the whole experience ha but at least we had an excuse to dress him in his new hand knitted hat and booties from his grandma.






My mums sister has lived in Sydney since she was 18.  Last weekend me, my mum, aunt and cousin flew over to surprise her for her 60th birthday.   I was a little nervous about how my body would cope with the flying and the heat but it was great! My ankles didn’t even swell up on the plane!  My aunt was so surprised, it was just the best feeling to see her so happy and we all had a wonderful time. My only regret is that we all spent too much time laughing and eating to think to take many photos!





This time last year we were in Oaxaca, Mexico halfway through a Spanish language course, renting an apartment from a lovely family and eating all the tacos we could find.  We were loving Oaxaca. Guy was training the local rugby team, I was volunteering at a local school, we were making some friends and just having so much fun. I still sometimes wonder if we shouldn’t have stayed on there instead of traveling down through Central America.

Fast forward a year and we’re back living in my parents place in the city we grew up in, 30 weeks pregnant, and with Spanish that only comes out after a couple of cervezas. Talk about a 180!


This year we celebrated it twice.  On Saturday we went to a Mexfest event in downtown Auckland. It was a bit of a joke with a few stalls selling sugar skull vases and dresses, overpriced and unauthentic food trucks and one tiny stage with traditional dancing and singing. We only spent about half an hour inside and then wandered around the city soaking up the sunshine – something we haven’t done (in Auckland) for years! We found the most amazing thick cut fries which I mostly demolished, and then we found more fries and a burger just a few minutes later haha!

dsc07062dsc07064dsc07055dsc07060dsc07069dsc07075dsc07077One of the reasons I love Auckland city – within a couple of minutes you can find yourself standing on the waterfront gazing at some mountains and feel like your miles away from a bustling metropolis. dsc07079

On Monday (the actual day of the dead) we visited Guy’s mum, taking her flowers and food and we sat and talked with her for a while about all the exciting things that are happening. It was definitely bittersweet but we left feeling happy. We’d rather remember her and feel sad than not remember her at all.


Spring is officially here! In Auckland that means it rains, like all-the-time.  Actually it rains about 98% of the time with the other 2% blue sky and sunshine that lulls you into thinking the rain has gone until it comes back again.  The weather is getting warmer though which is useful cause my belly keeps on gettin bigger. I’m not complaining though! Finding only one or two layers to cover it is easier than the four or five I need in winter. Warmer weather also means some of my favourite foods are available; asparagus and strawberries. I’ve been eating indecent amounts of both – as well as my beloved oranges. I’m really interested to see if my craving for them is going to dissipate after pregnancy!

Anyway here’s a bunch of small moments from life lately.

dsc06944dsc06957dsc06946Guy and I made our first batch of pickled onions! We’re saving them to eat until we have a place of our own to call home. dsc06954dsc06955dsc06962dsc06963dsc06964Gluten free blueberry cakes with mascarpone, bacon and banana. Be still my beating heart!dsc06966dsc06967

This weekend Guy’s away hiking in the South Island so my best friend and I packed up the car with sweet treats, set the radio to 90s songs and went for a quick trip down to Tauranga. Neither of us had ever actually spent any time there so it was a lovely little getaway even though it rained almost the whole time! We ate waaay too much chocolate, picked up some cute things for the baby at a charity shop, watched a movie and generally just hung out chatting. It was the best!I wish I had of taken a million more photos but I was too busy having fun to remember!

A weekend at the cabin

dsc06915I may not be able to see my knees anymore but I can glimpse my toes ha! dsc06916dsc06897dsc06922dsc06926dsc06935dsc06936

We are fortunate enough to currently be living at home between my parents and Guy’s dads house. I say fortunate because we are; we pay nothing in rent or bills and contribute only minimally to food costs, not to mention getting the washing done and coming home to a cooked meal. Of course that’s not to say that it’s easy, or that we like it, or that we can’t wait to move out and have our own place in a few months time!!! To help us (and our parents) keep our sanity we try to get away as often as we can and this weekend we went up to my parents cabin at Waipu Cove.  It rained nearly the whole weekend so we stayed inside reading, playing games and eating.  To be honest that’s my kind of weekend 🙂

Babymoon: Wanaka


Although we flew into Queenstown we actually spent most of our time in Wanaka because we stayed in a holiday house owned by an ex athlete of Guys.  We liked Queenstown, and loved Arrowtown, but we fell completely head over heels crazy in love with Wanaka – I mean seriously how can you not?!


This mama duck and her babies were so cute! They crossed the road (all the traffic stopped for them) but the ducklings couldn’t get up over the kerb so they had to recross the road – but they couldn’t get over that kerb! I tried to help them but ended up terrifying them so much that they sort of jumped and eventually did manage to get up ha.


We both grew up in Auckland where it doesn’t snow (it doesn’t even really get cold although we all complain that it does) so this was only our second time ever getting to touch and play with it! We tried to make a snowman but didn’t count on how much touching the snow would hurt our hands haha.


Not only did we see some of the most gorgeous scenery imaginable but we also had some great food – Cafe Gusto for breakfast and Trout Cafe for dinner, met some super friendly locals and got to see a completely different side to New Zealand to what we’re used to. It was wonderful! We’re already planning another trip where we have some more time to explore some of the beautiful hikes in the area, and to show little bean first hand how beautiful his home country is!

Babymoon: Queenstown & Arrowtown


When Guy and I came back to New Zealand much earlier than we expected (his mum got sick) we promised each other that we would make an effort to explore of the country before we set off overseas again.  We both grew up in Auckland in the North Island and have spent many weekends and holidays discovering its hiddens treasures but apart from a couple of childhood trips (me) and work trips (him) had never actually set foot in the South Island.  I can’t describe how embarrassing it is when you’re talking to other travelers who rave about how beautiful your country is and of course all of them talk about the South and you have to mutter that you’ve never actually been there.  It’s not that we didn’t want to, it’s just that New Zealand is an expensive country even if you live here, and between studying at university for five years each and then saving to go traveling overseas we just never made it happen. Anyway, I’m delighted to say we finally went!! We spent four days soaking up the incredible beauty of Queenstown, Wanaka & Arrowtown.



Queenstown was so beautiful, it really was like looking at a postcard.  Arrowtown won my heart at once – I want to move there (but only for about a week cause I’m pretty sure that’s as long as it would take for me to get bored) and eat all the crepes at Cafe Bonjour (nutella and banana is soooo good).


I swear this is actually the only nice photo we have of us kissing! The only in one in thirteen years of exchanging kisses haha.









Something Guy and I are trying to do more than ever these days is to live in the moment, really live in the moment – spontaneously and entirely.  It’s easier said than done with all of life’s distractions (looking at you Olympics!) but we’re making an effort to seize the day. This weekend we had some unseasonably nice weather – it felt like late summer rather than late winter which got me all kinds of excited (I DO NOT like the cold!). So after our visit to the midwife we stopped by a grocery store to pick up some bread, cheese and olives and then drove up north to Wenderholm.  It’s one of those places that we’ve driven past a million times but have never actually entered and explored. After scoffing everything (too fast to get a photo) we walked the perimeter track which was really pretty and had some gorgeous views of the ocean which made the steep climbs worth it.

It made me really excited thinking of all the walks we can take our little man on when he arrives. There’s something about being outdoors that I find so restorative and that’s something I want to pass onto my children along with an appreciation for the beauty of this world we live in and how lucky we are to be able to enjoy it.


We saw our first wood pigeons! They were huge and so pretty.