Happy Easter!

Easter is hands down my second favourite holiday (second only to Christmas because presents!). When I say I ate my weight in treats over the weekend – I mean it! I’m not one of those girls who just has one piece of cake and then declares how much they have eaten – I eat the whole cake and then ask what’s for the next meal.  Inspired by hygge I I made and ate cinnamon buns, Norwegian apple cake and Swedish meatballs all of which were delicious, not to mention a thousand hot cross buns and easter eggs – I don’t regret a single bite! But I may have to go for a couple of long walks this week :).

Apart from eating we had such a nice time just hanging out together. I don’t think Guy and I have spent so much time together having fun since the couple of weeks before Griffin was born and we were on holiday.  We walked on the beach, read books together, visited his dad, had my parents round for afternoon tea, sat and chatted to Griffin as we sipped our coffee, and sampled Guy’s latest craft beer brew as we watched Broadchurch and 13 Reasons Why.  Griffin was happy and relaxed most of the weekend and then on Monday we woke to rosy red cheeks, buckets of Apart from some unsettledness on Monday due to teething Griffin was pretty happy and relaxed all weekend. He even fell asleep completely on his own two nights in a row!! Hopefully it continues!

Something I really want to do now I have a family of my own is to celebrate holidays and special occasions; to commemorate them with delicious food, hanging out with friends and just having some fun. I want Griffin and his siblings to grow up really enjoying life and celebrating every day.






p.s Griffin got sick Easter Monday and has been out all week 😦 – hence the late post!




I’m not sure why but this month has flown by so quickly.  Maybe it’s because the weather is changing and we’re pulling on new clothes, or maybe its because finally things are starting to get a little easier. Whatever it is I’m making every effort to soak up the last of these warm days. Griffin and I have been walking down to the beach most days and hanging out on a blanket under the shade of a big pohutukawa tree.  I take so much joy from just watching him experience all these new things; the wind blowing on his face, the grass tickling his feet, the sunlight making him squint.


Part of me wishes I could freeze time and just stay in this stage for a while – he’s little but not so little and I love it – he’s cuddly yet happy to be put down and have tummy time, he’s smiling more and more every day and he babbles away to us throughout the day. But then another part of me is desperately looking forward to the next stage where he actually sleeps on his own.  Speaking of sleep – one of my favourite times of the day is when he wakes in the morning and I bring him into bed with me for a cuddle. I turn on ‘his light’ and unzip his swaddle and we lie there and chat for a few minutes before getting up and having breakfast. He’s so warm and squishy and smiley I love those moments!


I feel like every day he’s doing something a little better than the day before – whether it’s holding his head up or paying attention to something for a longer time.   He’s really into his books at the moment (we just got him his very own library card!) – it’s so cool to see him focusing in on the different pictures.


He’s just so damm cute!









Happy New Year


We’ve never stayed in Auckland over the Christmas/New Years period before and it was…weird. It felt a lot like a ghost town which I know a lot of people like but we didn’t so much.  It was nice to just stay around home – Guy pottered in his man cave and I read, napped and ate too much chocolate (just kidding there’s no such thing as too much chocolate I know).  New Years Eve we got dressed up and went out for a really nice steak dinner and then started watching a new TV series Shetland while eating our way through two bags of chocolate candies.  New Years Day we ate breakfast together (a rarity even when we’re both at home) in the sunshine and I had two cups of coffee!

I haven’t made New Years resolutions in ages and I don’t plan on starting now but I have got a couple of goals for this year.  1. Take more photos.  I don’t know why I am so useless at getting photos! Half the time I don’t even bring my camera with me, and the times that I do it sits in my bag untouched and forgotten about until I get home and curse myself for not getting a single photo! I need to get the camera on my phone fixed and then I really will have no excuse!  2. Read more books. I love reading but I too often neglect a book in favour of Netflix or Pinterest – or I end up re-reading the same books over and over again and missing out on all the wonderful new ones. 3. Do more. I want to explore New Zealand, to learn to cook some classic dishes, improve my Spanish, make new friends and pick up a new skill. In other words I want to do more – I don’t want life to pass me by.

p.s this time next year we’ll have an almost one year old! How crazy is that?!