Nine months old



This little guy has been out for longer than he’s been in! He’s so fun right now – though I feel like I say this every month ;). He’s exploring everything, starting to respond to and understand some words, crawling behind either me or Guy everywhere we go and having so much fun trying to feed himself.

Feeding: He’s starting to feed himself more and more although he gets a bit weird about new textures like anything grated (even his beloved cheese).  Generally he eats all finger foods for breakfast, a mixture at lunchtime and is spoon fed at dinner. We’re down to four breastfeeds a day and one overnight.  Sleeping: Good! He’s finding it hard to wind down for his naps so I sometimes have to go in and pat him for a couple of minutes but he’s resettling himself no problem and his nights have been pretty consistent.  Teething has thrown us a bit of a curve ball but he’s been dealing with it really well. Milestones: He’s currently got five teeth with three more coming through, he’s walking between furniture and slowly starting to cruise along the couch, and he’s just started to put his knee up and climb onto low shelves. Things he loves: dogs! He is obsessed with dogs. Also plants, birds, pulling things out of cupboards and drawers, his abacus and his pegboard.   Things he hates: getting his nappy changed (still!), getting his face wiped, getting dressed, being in the car.


Eight months old


I can’t believe it was only eight months ago that Griffin was born – it feels like so much longer that he’s been here with us. I finally feel like I’ve gotten some semblance of my old self back – I find time now to put a little makeup on sometimes, and drink a hot cup of coffee and even read a book! Griffin is also at such a fun stage right now. He’s doing something new every day and I love seeing how much he is changing right in front of our eyes. I know some people feel sad about their babies growing up but I just feel excited – I can’t wait to see what kind of a little human he’s going to turn into!

Feeding: He’s eating three meals a day with two snacks and five breastfeeds (sometimes more). We’re doing a mixture of chunky purees and finger foods. Sleeping: Gooooood. Generally good. Although there’s always something going on to throw it off – like teeth, or illness, or a new developmental milestone. He seems to get hit hard by all of them.  We are down to only one wakeup to feed overnight though! Milestones: He’s now got four big teeth, and he’s started pulling himself up on the furniture and on us, and he’s figured out how to stand in the cot (ugh). Things he loves: feeding himself, pulling my hair, meeting new people who adore him,   Things he hates: (some days) sleeping, when I walk away from him, being in the pram, getting his face wiped after eating.

Five months old


This gorgeous little guy is five months old! For some reason that seems kinda crazy to me cause it sounds so old!! I’m really pleased that things are getting easier for me and for him (and by association for Guy) and we’re able to spend more time enjoying life.  This feels like such a fun and exciting stage for Griffin because hes becoming so independent so quickly and every day I see a difference in his co-ordination and his strength. I’m looking forward to getting out of the house a bit more in the coming months and enrolling him in some fun activities.

Feeding: Still a total fatso when it comes to his food! He makes me laugh because every single time I sit down to breastfeed him he launches forward and grabs my boob with both hands as if he hasn’t eaten in forever! He’s been eating solids for a few weeks now and he’s loving them. The only thing he hasn’t liked so far is blueberries because they gave him a sore bum. I’m having so much fun making different meals for him and I’ve just started adding some spices to them too – yesterday he had some kumara with cumin and he loved it 🙂 Sleeping: Two steps forward one step back or something. We ended up hiring a sleep consultant a couple of weeks ago because his sleeping got so bad and neither of us were coping very well. After a couple of rough days he responded really well and we had a week and a half of wonderful sleep but then his two bottom teeth came through, and then right after that he got sick and he regressed a bit. Milestones:  His two bottom teeth are through (finally!!!!). After one miserable day last week his teeth finally broke through the gum and he’s been so much happier since then! He’s almost sitting on his own now he just needs a little help to not topple over to the side when he tries to reach for something. Things he loves: His daddy (going through a real daddy phase at the moment!), biting/sucking on his toes, watching cars drive by the window, walking around the block while being carried, trying new foods, sitting up, bouncing in his jolly jumper. Things he hates: Still being in the car (although he is starting to tolerate the pram), not being able to eat what we’re eating, being sick.

Four Months Old


I can’t decide if these four months have gone quickly or slowly – maybe both at the same time if that makes sense? He’s slowly transitioning from a baby into a tiny person and its so cool to see. Everyday his cheeks get rounder, his smile gets bigger and his eyes a little brighter.

As much as I love being a mum and I truly can’t imagine life without Griffin, I’m not gonna lie; he’s hard work. We barely leave the house because he gets so upset in the car it ends up making me cry and it’s really not worth it. He’s the same in the stroller so I end up carrying him with one arm and pushing the stroller with the other. I’m so tired I don’t even feel tired anymore but I’m forgetful and impatient and emotional. Finding the time to do something for myself like read a book or paint my nails is just a pipe dream at present. I feel bad complaining because I’m aware that I chose to have a child and this is my life now – no one said it was going to be easy! But I also hate when people feel that they need to pretend everything is perfect. I have no shame in admitting that some days I really struggle and look forward to his bedtime, nor do I have any problem acknowledging that Griffin is a terrible sleeper who’s nowhere sleeping through the night and who probably never will! It’s a good thing hes so gorgeous huh!!

Feeding: This kid loves to eat! Every time I offer him food he attacks my breast so furiously like hes been starved for days – when actually its hardly ever longer than two hours! I have a feeling he’s going to love solids. Sleeping: Worse! I didn’t believe that was possible but the four month regression hit us hard. He currently cat naps in the day (unless hes in my arms) and wakes every two hours at night. The only thing that resettles him in the night is feeding even though I’m positive hes not hungry.  Milestones: He’s holding his head up, rolling from his back to stomach, grabbing his feet and reaching for things. He’s also got the tip of one tooth showing.  Things he loves: Staring at his play mat, listening to me sing, being carried by daddy, staring at himself in the mirror or on the phone. Things he hates: Not being paid attention to, being in the car or pram.

Happy Easter!

Easter is hands down my second favourite holiday (second only to Christmas because presents!). When I say I ate my weight in treats over the weekend – I mean it! I’m not one of those girls who just has one piece of cake and then declares how much they have eaten – I eat the whole cake and then ask what’s for the next meal.  Inspired by hygge I I made and ate cinnamon buns, Norwegian apple cake and Swedish meatballs all of which were delicious, not to mention a thousand hot cross buns and easter eggs – I don’t regret a single bite! But I may have to go for a couple of long walks this week :).

Apart from eating we had such a nice time just hanging out together. I don’t think Guy and I have spent so much time together having fun since the couple of weeks before Griffin was born and we were on holiday.  We walked on the beach, read books together, visited his dad, had my parents round for afternoon tea, sat and chatted to Griffin as we sipped our coffee, and sampled Guy’s latest craft beer brew as we watched Broadchurch and 13 Reasons Why.  Griffin was happy and relaxed most of the weekend and then on Monday we woke to rosy red cheeks, buckets of Apart from some unsettledness on Monday due to teething Griffin was pretty happy and relaxed all weekend. He even fell asleep completely on his own two nights in a row!! Hopefully it continues!

Something I really want to do now I have a family of my own is to celebrate holidays and special occasions; to commemorate them with delicious food, hanging out with friends and just having some fun. I want Griffin and his siblings to grow up really enjoying life and celebrating every day.






p.s Griffin got sick Easter Monday and has been out all week 😦 – hence the late post!

A trip to the park

We live across the road from a big reserve with a cute little playground and we walk through it to get to the beach a few times a week. I’ve wanted to take Griffin to play there pretty much since he was born and we finally got around to doing it this weekend.  One of our dearest friends was visiting from Melbourne and snapped a whole bunch of photos – I’m so glad she was there because me and Guy are always forgetting to get photos and we never get both of us in them!  Its fair to say he was completely unimpressed by the whole experience ha but at least we had an excuse to dress him in his new hand knitted hat and booties from his grandma.



Three Months Old


Griffin has left the world of newborns and entered into infancy! Sometimes I look at him and think “you’re so little!” but then I look back at old photos of him and realise how big he now is! According to Plunket hes in the 90th percentile for height, and the 50th for his weight so no longer the fatso pork chop he once was.

Feeding: Eating is still his favourite thing to do. I feed him every three hours during the day and normally twice at night.  Sleeping: Crap (still).  He wakes two or three times at night which is okay, and he cat naps during the day time but takes quite a while to fall asleep, and it’s still in my arms. Hoping to see some improvements over the next couple of months. Milestones:  He can support his own head most of the time, sucks his fists and is starting to co-ordinate his limbs to kick things. Things he loves: Books, talking, nursery rhymes, sitting in his bouncinette watching us in the kitchen.  Things he hates: Sleeping, going to bed, staying in bed, not being awake…;)



I’m not sure why but this month has flown by so quickly.  Maybe it’s because the weather is changing and we’re pulling on new clothes, or maybe its because finally things are starting to get a little easier. Whatever it is I’m making every effort to soak up the last of these warm days. Griffin and I have been walking down to the beach most days and hanging out on a blanket under the shade of a big pohutukawa tree.  I take so much joy from just watching him experience all these new things; the wind blowing on his face, the grass tickling his feet, the sunlight making him squint.


Part of me wishes I could freeze time and just stay in this stage for a while – he’s little but not so little and I love it – he’s cuddly yet happy to be put down and have tummy time, he’s smiling more and more every day and he babbles away to us throughout the day. But then another part of me is desperately looking forward to the next stage where he actually sleeps on his own.  Speaking of sleep – one of my favourite times of the day is when he wakes in the morning and I bring him into bed with me for a cuddle. I turn on ‘his light’ and unzip his swaddle and we lie there and chat for a few minutes before getting up and having breakfast. He’s so warm and squishy and smiley I love those moments!


I feel like every day he’s doing something a little better than the day before – whether it’s holding his head up or paying attention to something for a longer time.   He’s really into his books at the moment (we just got him his very own library card!) – it’s so cool to see him focusing in on the different pictures.


He’s just so damm cute!









Griffin Chico Mothersole

Our baby boy is here, just as perfect as you could ask for. He was born on the 7th January (the day after my 30th birthday) weighing 8 pounds, 11 ounces. He is utterly gorgeous and we are completely head over heels in love with him!

We named him Griffin because we liked the strength and history of the name (a Harry Potter reference didn’t hurt either!) and Chico because that’s Guy’s name in Spanish.  It sounds kinda silly because he’s so little but I really think he suits his names – something about his dark spiky hair and big blue eyes just suit Griffin.


This kid! His favourite thing to look at is the ceiling – he finds any ceiling endlessly fascinating -but his mamas face not so much. img_0413img_0427img_0441img_0454img_0474img_0496img_0500img_0515

You are an absolute ray of sunshine in our lives my sweet one. We love you so so so much.